Some useful information when you prepare for a shoot


The night before

Have an early night the night before and stick to water! We can do miracles with Photoshop if you had a bad night but far better to photograph you at your best! Get your clothes together and make sure they are all cleaned and ironed.

Clothes to bring

Bring new and well-fitting clothes with a clear neckline – no polo necks! Avoid logos, stripes and strong patterns. V neck and round neck work well. Clothes must not distract. Colour shots are more and more useful so pick colours carefully to suit your hair and complexion. Best not to wear earrings or necklaces. Bring a few changes, so we can choose on the day. Always bring a more formal ‘corporate’ option – suit and tie for men, shirt well ironed! Think of the best casting options for you – if you suit gangster parts, bring a leather jacket! There are also many period casting opportunities – so perhaps a blouse that suggests the Victorian era.

Make Up

Wear what you would to a casting, so you look like your photo, that is why you are there. Always bring extra make up to add more if needed. Pay attention to your eyes.


If you are planning a new style – get it done a week before the shoot and make sure you are happy with it. If you have long hair then putting it up will give you a different look. We have plenty of time to put hair up. Always bring what you need to put your hair up and product to damp down any unruly strands! For men, come with a few days stubble and we have time for you to shave and get two ‘looks’.


It can give men many more casting options if you have some pictures with and some without a beard. In the 2 hour shoot you have time to shave off a beard so we can do with and without in the same shoot. But remember to bring some foundation or make-up along as you sometimes get redness after shaving off a beard